Saturday, 7 January 2012

Video: Dog Digs Out of Avalanche That Killed Owner

Four days after he was buried in a Montana avalanche that took the life of one of his masters, Ole the Welsh Corgi appeared little worse for wear at the doorway of the Cooke City Alpine Motel room he'd stayed in before the tragedy.

Volunteer search and rescuer Bill Whittle, who'd probed the snow for missing back country skier David Gaillard and Ole a few days before, couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the little pooch pining for his human family.

"Around noon, the dog showed up at their motel room door -- I just happened to be driving by and he was lying right by the motel door," said Whittle, who owns another Cooke City motel. "He was 50 feet below David and dug himself out, followed our tracks ... it's a miracle." 

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