Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Retired Bomb-Sniffing Dog Recaptured at Detroit Metro Airport

Arco - up for adoption

It seems that there is another run away dog at an airport. A retired 6 year-old bomb sniffing White House dog named Arco was on the loose at Detroit’s Metro Airport Monday night!.

Continental Cargo officials let the dog go to the bathroom, and it decided to high tail it out of there. The dog’s owner, Nadine Karsevar says the dog has been running for five hours, in view of rescue crews, but when approached — it bolts. Karsevar, monitoring the situation from her Arizona home, says the dog needs to be darted with a sleep drug so he can be safely caught.

“Somebody has to catch him,” Karsevar said. “Somebody has to stop him. Apparently, I guess he had his collar on and his leash, and they said he slipped his collar, which, that’s really amazing; he’s never done that,” Karsevar said. “And, now he’s been running for over five hours.”

Metro Airport Spokesman Mike Conway said Romulus police are handling the situation because Continental Cargo is not on airport property. Conway says an airport officer was bit in the hand by the dog; he suffered minor injuries.

Police recaptured the dog Tuesday. Arco bit two people and is being held for tests.

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Usually, runaway or stray dogs have the potential of Rabis but this one is different. I think he only likes it out in the open where he can enjoy his life after a hardworking job.

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